Super Fly Gal by Rachel Harries


This week I thought I would use the same ingredients as last week for a slightly different recipe, as I really like to experiment with my supplies and see what I can do with them.

Firstly  I picked one of the collage papers with a face it.

I then tore the paper and adhered it in a way I found pleasing to my journal page.

I then used the stencil with some Light Texture Paste in the area that I wanted her hair to flow.

I then used the Glossy Sprays to create the hair colour, tipping the paper and allowing them to flow.

I painted the face and sketched in any areas that I wanted to be mindful of keeping.

I painted the chipboard pieces and once they had dried I stamped on them, I finished them off with some black and white pen work.

For the background I painted first and then removed some of the paint through a stencil.

I added the extra detail with stamps.

I hope you enjoyed this project and that it might have given a little more food for creative thought.

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