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This weeks post is inspired by the beautiful new collection Melina Dahl.
I wanted to stick with a smaller project again so I'm using a Dinky Shrine again.
I start off by assembling my shrine.

I then stamp my sentiment and pop it into the shrine, I'm not painting my shrine as I want a natural finish but if you wanted to paint it now would be the time.

As I'm doing this horizontally the shrine won't stand I needed to add something to stabilise it, this could be some layers of card, some beads, some rolled up card, some buttons or whatever floats your boat. I had some tiny bobbins in my stash so I used them, I put the from of the shrine on first before adding the bobbins as there is some over hang with the shrine front that would make it difficult to place the stabilisers  accurately.

I then picked a few of the crafty board pieces that match the stamps and stamp the images on a combination of those and some craft cardstock.

I used That's Crafty! inks on the Craftyboard and pencil crayons on the Craftyboard and then fussy cut the pieces from the craft cardstock.

I used some embossing powder on the key, inked around the edge of the lock and added some Tim Holtz brads.

I then adhered my pieces around the shrine with some behind the shrine and some in front.

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