Winter by Helen Chilton


 I thought I'd make a very quick Christmas card this week.

For the central image, I've cut out one of these rice paper rounds and stuck it directly onto a 6x6 card. It's always a bit dangerous for me working directly onto the card as I'm so messy and in fact I did have to alter my design slightly because of that!

Once I'd stuck it down, I stamped some greenery to make a wreath using some of Melina's stamps.

Then watercolour it loosely with Distress ink pads. The colour on the rice paper will bleed if you make it too wet. This is where I got a few blobs so I just pulled the colour out a bit more...

...and added some stencilling.

You get six pictures on one sheet of rice paper so you could try making six different cards. Your main image is done so it's really just adding some backgrounds, borders etc.

Hope you've enjoyed this.


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