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Welcome to my post this week which features my most detailed artwork created for the last Hochanda shows and was actually the first one I made so of course it had to have a bunny on it.

Step by Step:

Although this was actually intended to be a wreath, I decided to make it into a more substantial piece by filling in the centre as I wanted to create an autumnal scene so my first step was to create the background.

I took a piece of cartridge paper roughly trimmed to a circle slightly smaller than the outer edge of the wreath. I placed the wreath on top and drew around the centre with a pencil to show where to add my detail. I then used the maple leaf stencil with light texture paste to add a shape on the right side of the circle. On the left side I used the tree bark stencil. Once the paste was dry, I misted the paper with flat matte sprays, using orange, ochre and walnut. I drew around the edges of the leaf shape with a water soluble pencil to emphasize them.

I next prepared the paper that I wanted to cover the wreath shape with and cut a circle the size of the outer edge. I misted it with a mix of flat matte and lustre sprays in autumnal shades. Once it was dry, I glued the wreath to the paper, carefully cutting out the central area with a craft knife - my cunning plan here being to use this paper to cover the rest of the wreath shapes and in fact I did!

My next step was to prepare my embellishments so I selected some of the leaves and toadstools from my stash of already made elements, adding a bunny (of course!) coloured with walnut flat matte spray and a scrap of interesting brown waffle type packing material which I misted with walnut flat matte spray and aubergine lustre spray.

I took some craftyboard leaves and made them 3D by using the matching leaf stencil with texture paste and when dry, misted them with flat matte sprays.

I glued my backing paper to a circle of greyboard cut to fit on the back of the wreath and then assembled my scene using a mix of glue and silicone adhesive for depth.

I finished off with a piece of torn muslin wich I scraped with light texture paste, scrunched and dried then misted with walnut and black purple flat matte sprays. I pulled it in half and added one piece on the left side. The other piece I stamped with the autumn calling text using black ink before gluing in place on the wreath.


Water Soluble Black Pencil
Scrap of Muslin
Smooth Cartridge Paper

I found myself in need of a cuppa after writing all this so if you've stuck with it all you might need one too!

Have a great and hopefully crafty weekend and see you next week.

Fliss x

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