In The Darkness of The Woods A Journal Part II by Lynne Moncrieff



Last week I shared Part I of this journal, today sharing another few pages.   

On my social media I will be sharing the book as a whole.  

I just want to highlight that the book is packed with bookrings, it is just that I sometimes like to add my own binding to tie in with the colour palette or theme of the book. 

Re-cap on Preparation

For all the pages, first white Gesso was applied, doesn't have to be precise, just a general covering of the pages, in fact more interesting results are achieved when the Gesso is applied randomly.

Working quickly, spray with water before applying the paints and pearl inks, also spraying with walnut ink. Allow to merge together, manipulating by rotating the panels. If outcome is too dark, apply more white paint. I've also mixed white paint with Fluid Medium and at other times, simply diluting with water, decanting into a bottle and shaking thoroughly before applying to panels.

Allow all panels to air dry.  

To save time when working on books, collages, etc I keep a stack of stained papers, etc either tea/coffee or of course walnut ink and eco dyed and in another box, under papers are saved. Here it is underpaper from painting the journal pages, which were utilized by cutting out the smallest circles from the A4 Circles Stencil. Another, larger circle, cut from stained old book text. Amongst those, layering rusted papers, and to top it, the PaperArtsy stamp, stamped onto stained book text, topping with a rusted washer. 

For the facing page, working not with a stamped leaf but this time a dried leaf from my own collection (yes, I have a collection of dried leaves!)

Randomly selecting another spread .....

For the stamped tree from The Language of Trees, I wanted a very sketchy, loose feel to the stamped tree. First, lightly inking up the tree stamp but not completely inking, before stamping directly onto the painted page. This leaves an imperfect image but that's okay. With Stabilo pencil, sketching in the areas and extending some of the branches.  

Once again the A4 Circles Stamp makes an appearance with the large circle, almost mimicking a moon, with a fragment of walnut ink stained teabag paper which had Acrylic Liquid Wax applied.  

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