Arabian Lights by Rachel Harries



This week I knew I wanted to use one of the lovely new texture plates from "Art by Marlene" This plate just lends itself to having sections cut out of the print so I've used one of the mini shrines to create a light.

I start by stamping out the texture plate a couple of times.

I built the shrine base and looked at how I wanted to cut the layers for my light.

I made some holes around the edge of the box. I coloured the back panel and then threaded the lights through the holes and added the from of the shrine.

I then added a layer to the back and front of the box and also stamped and coloured some "Art by Marlene" butterflies to add to the finished shrine and I stuck the on/off switch to the back of the box.

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  1. That is lovely. Calming light in the background on a cold winter evening perfect


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