Bird Song by Helen Chilton


 I'm using quite an old PaperArtsy set today by Lin Brown to create a trio of tags.

The tags are pre-printed and ready to go - you just have to cut them out.

Rub in some dry Color Glow powders.

I then used the same Color Glow powder with some Magic Powder and Gel Medium to make a modelling paste.

Scrape it through a Dinky stencil.

The tree was stamped next and I added some extra branches.

I tidied these up with a black pen and then painted them very roughly in white and brown.

Finally I mixed a little of the yellow Color Glow with water and painted in the leaves and then stamped and painted a bird cage.


I was going to place the trees centrally but then decided to stamp them almost in the folds of the tags leaving space in the middle for the bird cage. The Color Glow powders have a lovely sheen which is quite difficult to pick up in the photos. You can mix them to make more colours as well, so they are very versatile.

I hope you've enjoyed this project. Have fun creating!


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