Gateway to Contentment by Lynne Moncrieff



Autumn is most definitely in the air for so many of us so I turned to one of my tree stamps and That's Crafty! Surfaces Rounds which are such a beautiful surface to work on. 

Whether we live near the countryside or are urban based, signs of nature are all around us no matter how small that sighting might be or it could be the sound of bird song, the rustle of dry Autumn leaves or the branches swaying in the strong winds.  No matter what, it might be a gateway to contentment no matter how fleeting the moment. 

This will be my last blog post for That's Crafty! until the New Year. It's with a heavy heart that I need this time due to health reasons and I cannot thank Laura enough for her generosity and support. That's Crafty! means the world to my creative life and so I relish my return to the fold as it is such a wonderful D.T., I can say that because I have been part of it for so many years now that I have lost count how long I have been part of it!  



Both of the MDF Rounds were covered with cardstock which had previously been prepared with Walnut Ink and the Pearls Inks. One sheet of cardstock was enough to cover both Rounds and scrap piece for the stamped text.

I was up against the dimming light so apologies for the quality but it gives some idea of the process.

After adhering the painted cardstock it was a matter of inking up one of the tree stamps and stamping directly onto the surface, stamped slightly towards left of panel.

Then re-inking the same tree, this time stamping onto the smaller Round, stamping off centre

before layering the smaller stamped Round to the main stamped image, adhering with Multi-Purpose Craft Adhesive. 

Dipping into the Pearl Inks, I started to add more definition and marks to the background. 

The Pearl Inks along with Stabilo ALL pencil allowed me to extend the base of the stamped tree. This was always the idea of the design of the carved tree stamps, that the basis of the tree is there but branches and roots can easily be extended. 

In this photo, you can see the words stamped onto scrap of the painted cardstock before adhering to the panel and edging with the ALL pencil. I reference the ALL pencil often in my projects but a black watercolour pencil or crayon would be suitable. 

The same text stamp, repeatedly stamped onto the background, around the area of the tree trunk. 

With the Interference Gold paint, highlights were added to the tree. Interference Gold is one of my all time favourite That's Crafty! paints. 

With my fingertip, the Interference Paint was applied to the left side of the smaller Round, blending to create a more subtle effect.

Stamped details added to the background...they are a bit of "hush, hush" for the moment!

To create balance, three circles were adhered towards left side of the panel. Before adhering, they were painted with Pearl Inks and a touch of White Paint and Interference Gold.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this post.



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  1. These are trying times for the world, to be sure. Plenty of prayers will be headed your way, filled with thoughts of light and healing. Just as you share the gift of your art, which always inspires and soothes me, you will receive a host of gifts returned to you.

  2. Wonderful layers here Lynne x I love the background details and the layering of the rounds followed by the paints and inks on your wonderful tree stamps. You have inspired me to have a play xx Take care and look after yourself xx
    Annie xx


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