She's an Angel by Rachel Harries


This week I've created a scene on a Upright using the wonderful "Lady Vagabond" moulds and paper.
I started off by casting my moulds, the wings from Hearts and Wings and the fabulous Lady and Luggage from Lady Vagabond as I was using air dry clay I have cast these moulds a day in advance to let them dry in the moulds for the most part, this is because of the fine detail, I find when using air dry clay with these type of moulds I can get excellent results by being patient and giving them some time to cure in the mould before trying to remove.

I then gave them a coat of Gesso I used Black Gesso on the figure and the luggage and White Gesso on the wings.

I then added some of the beautiful Lady Vagabond Paper to an Upright.

I then use a stencil, Sand Texture Paste and Bead Paste to add texture.

I also added Iron Paste to add a little more texture.

I then used the Pentart Rust Kit and the Pentart Patina kit.

I painted the figure and added a little dry brushing to the wings.

I adhere the figure and wings to the Upright and add some touches of wax.

And there she is.

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