Where Ever I Rest My Boots by Rachel Harries



This week I've created a little collage using the "Golden Desert" Prima MouldMelina's In the Garden Stamp SetMelina's Flowering Keys StampsMelina's House Keys Stamp, I've also used Melina's Junction Mask with my Gel Press. I've also used "In the Garden" Crafty board and "House Keys" Craftyboard to add a bit of dimension and interest to the layers.

I made some casts from the mould with Air Dry Clay and I Stamped the Key from "In the Garden" onto its Craftyboard counterpart. I find the easiest way for me to know I've got a good match when stamping on the Craftyboard, is to ink the stamp and keep it face up and bring the Craftyboard down onto the stamp.

I then add colour to all these elements and stamp, colour and cut out some of the floral elements.

I then take my my gel press and add a thin layer of acrylic paint to it.

I then add the Junction mask and remove the excess paint by popping a piece of paper on top and applying gentle pressure. I then wait for that layer to dry on the Gel Press, I then add another thin layer of acrylic paint on top of this and pull the print from the Gel Press by adding a piece of cardstock applying gentle pressure and gently peeling the cardstock away.

I then arranged my pieces and used That's Crafty! Adhesive to keep everything in place, I also used a little Wax just to finish off.

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  1. Wow this is fabulous and really innovative! What a great thing to do with clay! I absolutely love this! So glad to see you’re still doing the blog!


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