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I am delighted to have new stamps released, Dried Botanicals Sets 1 and 2.  

The stamps were inspired by dried botanicals from last year after a spot of eco dyeing and eco printing.  When removing from the papers/fabrics, pressing some of them to use in art journals, etc. I was thrilled when Laura could see the possibility of some of those dried botanicals transforming into stamps.  Alongside those images are of course words to support the theme.


Extras: Muslin, Wooden Round, Feather, Dried Botanical, Tag, deli paper, old book pages, scrap pieces of CraftyBoard (to give definition to the inserts of the smaller boxes)


After assembling the Shadowboxes, using the Multi-Purpose Craft Adhesive, prepare the surfaces with white Gesso.

For the background insert to the largest shadowbox, the larger Dried Botanical stamped with Potting Soil ink onto deli paper. This deli paper was previously underpaper and had some white gesso and a hint of Lustre Aubergine spray on it. After adhering to the shadowbox, it was misted with Walnut Ink.

Acrylic Liquid Wax was applied to the outside of the frame, applying so that it formed drips and immediately applying Walnut Ink. Once dry, inking up the collage Dried Botanicals stamp, only applying ink to the text area, stamping this to the outside frame of the large shadowbox.

Stamping, with Potting Soil ink, one of the Dried Botanicals onto That's Crafty! stamping cardstock, lightly misted with Walnut Ink with little areas of Interference Gold paint applied. Layering this to walnut ink stained old book pages and to bring dimension and layering onto scraps of Craftyboard which are perfect for such situations. 

Onto small wooden disc, stamping the postal mark. 

To embellish this particular box a little bit further, adding a dried botanical, the type of which inspired this recent set of stamps and a feather.

More stained book pages along with scraps of handmade papers which evoke feathers. The focal of this box is a small shipping tag partially stained with walnut ink, allowing some white to remain before inking up the collage stamp of the Dried Botanicals with the text, only inking up the text area to stamp onto the tag.  

Onto the outside of the smaller shadowboxes, only spraying with Walnut Ink before repeatedly stamping one of smaller Dried Botanicals.

Shadowboxes are fabulous projects to work on to incorporate bits and pieces you have around you whether found items which is my preference or any craft embellishments which might be overlooked for some time. 

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