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This week I have used some Stamperia Moulds to jazz up a blank notebook.

I start by removing the board from my notebook, I do this by sliding the cover around so that both covers are together on the metal spine and then gently open the spine just enough to slide the cover off.

I cast myself some moulds next (to my embarrassment I didn't have my regular air dry clay so I've had to use some that I've had stuffed in a cupboard for some time.)
I then start to assemble my pieces starting with the large frame.

I then gave everything a coat of Thats Crafty Multi-Surface Chestnut Brown Paint a good brown paint is essential to a lot of the things I make and this is my absolute favourite, its such a lovely shade.

I then dry brush the whole thing with Salvaged Patina Distress Paint and a creamy coloured paint such as Stamperia Allegro Gold Sand.

I then add some Pentart Wax

I then take some Artelier des Arts Die Cuts and spend some time playing with different designs until Im happy.

I then pop the cover back onto the spine and close it up flipping it in place.

and tadah! I hope you like it.

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