She Hath Wings by Lynne Moncrieff


GiganTAGs are perfect for those of us who like assemblage, there is just so much room for you to tell your story and as I’ve said countless times before, That’s Crafty! substrate stand up to lots of abuse. You would only need to spend time with me when I craft to realise that I put substrates through their paces with the layers, scraping and water that I throw at them. All of that, plus for this assemblage, I added quite a bit of extra weight with the R&As Imperial Egg.

Why is there no bird in the egg?  She Hath Wings so she has flown, leaving behind one delicate feather (stamped fragment of handmade paper) and a darker feather representing that she has found her strength.


That’s Crafty! Acrylic: Antique Gold
Relics & Artifacts Imperial Egg
Fresco Finish Paint: Chalk, Lake Wanaka, Chocolate Pudding


Tree Branch
Handmade Paper (Thanks Dorthe!)
Birch Tree Bark
Golden Titanium White Fluid Acrylic
Copper Chain (substitute with Idea-ology Tim Holtz Chain)
Rusty Tin Wire


Preparing GiganTag

Apply Gesso followed with Grunge Paste, randomly applied. Once dry, apply Frescos and before they are dry, apply Infusions, misting generously with water. Just before this dries, apply the Fluid Acrylic, again misting with water. Scrape colour off and build up more colour – in other words, play!!! I probably repeated this 3 or 4 times.

Stamp the beautiful ESN quote onto the tag, considering placement of the other elements that will be added to the assembled tag.

Preparing Egg, Feathers and Birch Tree Bark

Egg:- Apply base coat of Lake Wanaka and Chalk before applying Infusions. Only mist lightly with water, using hands to create pattern onto the egg.  Leave to dry.

Feathers:- Stain with Rocky Road before applying Frescos, apply in a way that will  create texture and pattern to the feathers. Lightly apply Antique Gold, as though sunlight is hitting the feathers. That’s Crafty! greyboard is of such quality that it allows you to create movement whether it be feathers, leaves, etc – it makes the finished item look more natural than if they are left flat.

Birch Tree Bark:- Apply Frescos to pieces two pieces. On smaller piece, highlight by dry brushing Antique Gold.


Suspend the egg from piece of tree branch with chain, wrapping with rusty tin wire to secure to the branch. Only adhere branch to panel, not the egg, this allows the egg to suspend freely. To the screw eye fitted into the egg, slip feather and piece of torn handmade paper which has been stamped with the ESN quote. 

Adhere largest tree bark panel, having the feathers cascade down the panel as though floating down, place more stamped handmade paper fragments here and there.

Finally, to lower corner, layer words stamped onto a piece of Infusions stained book text, layered to the prepared smaller panel of tree bark and piece of previously, Infusions stained vintage crochet lace. 

Thanks, always for your support for my That’s Crafty! projects.



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  1. Dearest Lynne, such a beautiful story to tell on this gigant tag, I simply love what you created, -the movement in it, that the big tag is not left flat , but kind of live it`s own life , with feathers ,papers and egg, freely "dancing"
    And your colors, -well you know I love them , they so beautifully, makes this story ,more real, with tones we also see in real nature . Placing the bark behind the feathers , and the great texture it creates ,takes me straight to the tree, from where the little bird, started it`s life. I am in awe over your stunningly art piece !!
    Dorthe, xxx

  2. This is a stunner Lynne, so much amazing texture and detail and love how the feathers seem to float down.
    Fliss xx

  3. This is a Ginormous work of art Lynne, those paint on paint off techniques really come to life on this piece and your over stamping of words are the perfect addition. A very heartwarming story board.
    Best Wishes Tracey xx

  4. Beautifully put together Lynne x Love the colours and amazing textured background and the feathers look wonderful with the bark behind xxx

    TFS and hugs Annie x

  5. Your creations make me happy Lynne :)
    Donna xx


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