Pop up Alice by Helen Chilton


I thought I'd post this pop up card this week that I've made for my daughter's birthday.

It uses a Stamperia kit which has everything in it, no extras needed, so from that point of view is very easy to make.

 However the instructions were minimal for a pop up novice like me so I did sit there for a bit trying to puzzle out how it fit together, hence the lots of pics of the mechanisms. (Or it could be I didn't read the instructions properly - I'm notorious for just launching in!!!)

First of all it took me a while to work out you had to fold the edge under to make a flap to stick to the base.

It looks like this from above.

To attach the pop up figures you need to fold the thin strips of card into a rectangle or square (allowing a little overlap to stick down) and then stick this to the figure, the base and the main card body. Once you've done one, it's easy.

This is how they fold down - just check to make sure they won't stick out beyond the card edge.

The whole thing folds in like this.

You can then add extra bits here and there.

I love this card - it was well worth puzzling it out and I'm definitely going to try out some more of their designs.

Hope you enjoyed this project.


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  1. So cute. I love it. It’s just perfect. Happy Saturday. Enjoy it.

  2. Brilliant!! Well worth all the thinking out


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