Baby it's Cold Outside by Rachel Harries



This weeks blog post is inspired by the drop in temperature, its getting somewhat chilly. So Sir Vagabond has gone on a trip to Arctic Antarctic.

I start off by preparing an That's Crafty! Rectangle Box Shrine if you haven't tried the That's Crafty! Shrines I can't recommend them enough, I really love using them and they come in so many different shapes and sizes there's something to suit most projects.

I put my shrine together excluding the front panel for now, I also like to add illumination to a lot of my projects at the moment so I like to make a hole somewhere for the lights to be pushed through.

I cast a few moulds for this project some in resin and some in air dry clay I used the moulds; Arctic World MouldSir Vagabond Train MouldLady Vagabond Belts and Fasteners Mould. I gave everything including a Stamperia Decorative Chips Compass and some That's Crafty! Cogs,  good coat of black gesso.

I then covered the inside of the box and the frame with some paper from the Arctic Antarctic Paper Pad.

I used an Arctic Stencil around the frame with Light Texture Paste.

I paint all my pieces using a combination of Pentart Rust Effect PaintThat's Crafty! Multi Surface Paint and Allegro Paint

I then decided that Sir Vagabond might look a bit chilly so I should give him a scarf... if this is something you would like to do, I used sock weight yarn (4ply) and 2.5mm needles I cast on six stitches and knitted, Knit 1 Purl 1 until I was happy with the length I then used a darning needle to help add some tasselling on the ends.

I did a little dry brushing on the box added my lights and I also added a little Glamour Sparkles to my Star.

I put everything together in a way I find pleasing and added Holographic Fine Texture Paste here and there and that's my piece for this week.

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