Flip Flap Box Album by Gill Humphrey


This is the final one in the series of blog post I have done for the Templates 3. For this book instead of adding all four flaps with spines to create the box I have altered the side so that I have some pages inside instead making it suitable to use as a mini photo album instead of leaving a space into which a gift could be placed. 

This make is constructed by using Templates 2 A and 2B  to create the outside of the box. I drew round both  templates onto brown cardstock and then addered the flap of 2B to the right side of 2A creating two spines in the process. I then used 2 C to create the upper and lower flaps. which were secured in place along the top and bottom of the central panel created in the step above.

I then covered the cardstock using Fleeting Moments papers sandwiching a magnet in place as I did so (on the right hand flap this needs to go on the inside of the flap and on the left hand flap on the outside of the flap). On the inside left hand flap I added a corner of torn paper to create a pocket into which I tucked a piece of decorative paper and then added a fussy cut element from the collection on top of the pocket making sure that I did not adhere it to the tucked in paper element.

On the inside of the right hand flap I added a thin strip of paper to make a band into which I slipped a folded piece of paper. Decorative elements from the paper collection were then added for some extra detail.

I added pockets to the inside of the top and bottom flap tucking in tags cut from the paper collection.

To add my pages using decorative papers this time I took template D and placed it so that the spine score lines were towards my right. I then drew along the top and bottom of the template (not including the tab area)  and marked the score lines. I then flipped the template over aligning the score lines and completed drawing along the top bottom and non tabbed side of the template to give me a long piece of paper with the score lines in the middle. These were then reinforced using a bone folder creating a narrow spine which I then adhered centrally to the spine of the cover. This was repeated for the opposite side thereby creating a total of 4 pages (8 sides) which I left plain but there is enough space to add a mat and layer or photograph.

Finally I added elements from the co-ordinating die cut extras pack adding Glossy Accents to the top element - this piece means that when you open and close the box album you have something more substantial to handle and will keep the book from becoming tatty as it is opened and closed over time.

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