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I was just playing around looking for That's Crafty! Surfaces and had a thought to make a trio of tags except, one hitch, I only had two of the matching sized tags. Knocking the idea of a trio of tags on the head, I had thoughts to attach the tags allowing the project to become free standing. 



This project started with two of the MDF Tags.

With tape, the tags were attached together .

Walnut ink (dissolved crystals in a spray bottle) was sprayed onto the cardstock before applying areas of Pearl Inks, again misting with water and allowing to air dry and once dry, tracing around the tag four times and then abrading the edges before adhering to all sides of the tags.

With Hickory Smoke ink pad, the text was repeatedly stamped across the two tags, creating subtle effect.

Craftyboard Circles were also covered with prepared cardstock.

I prepared a few small and large Greyboard Feathers by applying Multi-Surface Paint with Pearl Ink and hint of Walnut Ink. 

The focal of the left side tag - one of the Craftyboard Circles layered with scrap of stained muslin and fabric topped with the stamped words, The flight of a feather, stamped onto scrap cardstock.

To the upper corner, two of the smaller prepared feathers, bound together with black cotton thread.

On the right side, another circle with one of the large greyboard feathers, embellished with another scrap of muslin, embellished with the stamped smaller circle from Nature's Gatherings. 

Three of the smaller circles adhered and then a light spray of Lustre Gold and dry brushing Interference Gold Paint onto selected areas of the background and to the smaller circles and feathers. 

The touches of Lustre Gold and Interference Gold paint bring beautiful but subtle touches.

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  1. Lynne, I love your style. You are one of my favorite artists.


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