Double Spine Mini Album by Gill Humphrey


For this make I have again used Liz Wheelers Journal It Template Set 3 set but instead of creating a box I have utilised the different spine widths to make an album. For something a little different I have utilised Heat Embossable Acetate for the cover. To make this I drew round template 2A and adhered 2B to the opposite edge using the tab ( you will need to be careful what you choose to adher with as it will show it you use something opaque - Extraforte Glue by Stamperia is ideal for this but you will need to be patient whilst it dries). Once the acetate piece had been made I then randomly stamped images from the Sketchy Flowers Stamp Set with Versamark Ink and heat embossed with Superfine Gold Embossing Ink


The acetate is not construction weight so I then adhered paper Summer Charm Collection on the front and back of the central panel so that it felt more substantial. For the closure I punched a whole approximately 1cm in from the edge of the left hand flap and added a long length of ribbon to create a wrap around tie.

For my left hand pages I used Template 2C flipping it and aligning the score lines before completing drawing round it so that I had one continuous piece with a central spine which was then adhered to the left hand spine of the album cover (I added another strip of paper to the outside of the cover to conceal the tape I used). Then the inside of this piece was decorated with an Ambassador Pocket with the flap cut off and adhered as a pocket (Template Set 2) into which I slipped the 3 image photo holder cut from the latest set with templates 6A amd 6B. To the adjacent page two of the file folder elements from the co-ordinating Journal Extras Collection adhering these as pockets into which I slipped cards. I added details to the tabbed areas using words from the Sketchy Flowers Stamp Set. For decoration I have used paper elements and Thick Cardboard Die Cuts (you need to be mindful when adding these that they are positioned so that when the book is closed they are not sitting one on top of each other).

For the pages adhered to the right hand spine as you are looking it I created pages with narrower spines using Template 2D and flipping it as before to give me the length I wanted. By using this smaller spined template I could then adhere two sets along the right hand spine. The image above is the back of the second page set and is decorated with a torn corner pocket, tag and floral element from the collection.  A  piece of white card has then been slipped into the pocket.

The inside of this page set has more space and so I have added page tabs from the journal extras set to make 3 pockets along one side decorating with stamps from  the watercolour stamp set and chipboard elements. On the other side I used another element from the journal extras papers to create a folded page that was then adhered along 3 sides to create a pocket. The outside of the flap was decorated with an Ambassador Pocket using the template from Journal It 2.

The next two pages sit close together as they are formed where the two page inserts are adhered to each other. This means that the decorations need to be flat and so I created a torn corner pocket on one side and an long pocket on the second page.

The inside of the next set of pages has depth created by the spine and so I have used torn corner pockets but added chipboard die cuts for decoration

The last page when the album is closed is not fully covered by the page created along the left hand spine and so you need to be mindful of this when you are decorating it as some of it will show. You could leave this undecorated or do as I do add a torn tag pocket and tag into which you can then slip cardstock photo mats in. I have added chipboard die cut elements to the cover for added decoration backing the die cut piece with scraps of paper.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this version of how to use Template Set 3 mini gatefold album - Templates are such a great investment as they are so many varieties of makes you can use them for so please have fun with them and don't forget to post your creations on the That's Crafty! Creatives Facebook Page.

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