Wildlife Tags by Helen Chilton


I've made my tags from scraps that I had left over from the That's Crafty! shows. 

I'm using two of the Kelly O'Gorman stamp sets:

I've just taken bits and pieces from each one. For the central images I've cut out ovals from the butterfly wings by tracing some Craftyboard ovals. I've used watercolour pens to colour them in.

The tags are taken from some left over Gel Press card, using at least two stencils, Background 3 and Background 5
I've just cut them to a tag shape - meant to be the same size but got my measurements wrong!

To finish I just stencilled some text with Black Texture Paste.

The flowers are from the skull stamp and just fit nicely round my ovals.

I like using up bits and pieces to make whole new projects. I tend to keep any extra backgrounds and stamped bits as you can get them out and you've got a bit of a headstart on a project - colours and images are there, it's just a case of pulling it all together.


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