Delicate Florals by Helen Chilton


I'm using a lovely Art by Marlene stamp set this week:

I liked the linear, almost delicately drawn designs. When I've stamped them below I've not worried about overlapping as it doesn't really show.

To colour in I've used Distress Oxide Sprays, just a little spritzed onto a block. The colours are intense - I've let them blend into one another.

Then I gave it all a light spritz - this starts the oxidisation and also lets the colours run into the background.

When it's dry, you get a lovely pale wash of colour.

Then I thought I'd try them on kraft card, so stamped round the edges...

...and painted them once again. The colours are slightly different because of the darker card but they still show up well as they're opaque.

I'd forgotten how much fun it was colouring with Oxides. I'm going to try out some different colour cards next to see what the effect is.

Hope you've enjoyed this project.

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