Fly Me a Rainbow by Rachel Harries



This weeks post uses a combination of the Lady Vagabond Mould and the Atelier des Arts Mould with a Thats Crafty! MDF Faux Reverse Canvas.
I was challenged to use a limited number of products with this project which made it really fun and interesting.
I started by casting a variety of moulds and making up the frame.

I cast the moulds with Air Dry Clay which made it very easy for me to cut elements off so I could get the pieces exactly how I wanted them, I cut off the original propeller and added one of the larger ones and I also cut along the roof slightly to allow me to add the brushes into the wing area.

For my background I added some ripped pieces of a Gel Press print I have had for a little while this is to add texture and interest as I want a little of the print to show through the paint.

I then added a little Pentart Stone Effect Paste before adhering my casts with Pentart Heavy Body Gel I then used my heat tool to dry everything and then added both Ebony Chalky Vivid Paint and Pentart Soft Gesso I gave this another dry with my heat tool and then used Navy Blue Chalky Vivid PaintRed Chalky Vivid PaintSun Yellow Chalky Vivid Paint to add colour which I then knocked back a little with the white gesso again and then finished off with Copper WaxSilver Wax,Turquoise Wax along with some Water Based Bitumen.

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