Creative Draws by Gill Humphrey


The starting point for my make this week is the wonderful MDF ATC Cabinet designed by Rachel Harries combined with moulds from Atelier des Arts moulds. I started by constructing the cabinet and draws using Multi Purpose Glue and then giving everything a coat of white gesso. Once the white gesso was dry I then added a base coat of  Stamperia Ivory paint before adding random areas of  Indian Turquoise, Leaf Green, Cardinal Red, and Corn paints (you can substitute for Warm Yellow) using a dry brush and ensuring that each layer was dry before adding the next colour.

I made the labels and brushes with Amazing Casting Resin and the Atelier des Arts mould. The beauty of the Amazing Casting Resin is that it cures really quickly and whilst it can be painted without priming my preference is to add a layer of white gesso before adding the colours. The metal work on the brushes was painted with Grigio Caldo but would work really well with Metallic Silver.

I added the labels to the fronts of the draws using a single layer of mount board on the top label for each draw and two layers on the bottom labels before I then sealing the entire surface with Pentart Matte Varnish and let this dry before covering with dark brown oil paint diluted with some white spirit to help it spread. As the base pieces have been protected with varnish I could then wipe back the oil paint achieving a vintage effect for my final piece.

Finally I added some of the co-ordinating chipboard elements to the draw fronts and top of the project. 

 The eagle eyed of you will notice that my draws have been filled and my post next week will share the details of my altered ATC pieces.

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