Exploration - The Finale by Rachel Harries



This week is a bringing together of the previous weeks combining the techniques, using 13arts Watercolours on Strathmore Cold Press Paper in a 6x6 Tabbed Album.

I started by cutting my Paper to 6 x 6 to fit to my page, I drew a rough outline of my design and then I gave it a spray of water as I started the background by using "wet on wet" technique.

I made sure I had a piece of crumpled kitchen roll in my hand as with the background once I had blended a couple of the blues I then went in with the kitchen roll to pat the surface in places removing some of the paint and giving a cloud effect.

I then painted the other areas using wet on dry technique.

Once this first layer had dried I was able to go back in with some glazing, before adding the glazing I used my pencil just to mark the areas.

I then went in with the next layer on the tail I added a few scales using gold ink.

I then added some finishing touches with a .03 Micron Pen and a White Posca Pen and there we go, I have finished this exploration for now and will be starting a new adventure next week.

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