A Hearts Prayer by Rachel Harries



This weeks Project can be a piece in its own right or used as an embellishment for a larger project. I've used a That's Crafty! MDF Heart.

I started by painting my heart directly with some Light Blue Multi Surface Paint.

I then stamped and embossed the lace design from the That's Crafty! Texture Stamps Set 3

I then added some distress effect with the That's Crafty! Textures Set 2

I then adhered some of the moulded elements from the My Sweet Mould by Frank Garcia. I moulded the elements with air dry clay and adhered them with That's Crafty! Adhesive.

I then added a layer of That's Crafty! Multi Surface Paint.

I then refined the detail with That's Crafty! Inks.

For my final layer to add definition, I then used some Daily Art Water Based Bitumen adding water to aid the dispersal. 

I hope you enjoyed this project I'll be back next week.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful Rachel and love how the bitumen adds a gorgeous vintage look to the embellishments.
    Fliss xx


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