Awaken The Earth by Lynne Moncrieff



That's Crafty! Craftyboard Twinchies, Inchines and Dominoes are perfect for adding dimension to collage work, they bring life to smaller elements. 



This collage started with white cardstock prepared with Pearl Inks. Simply apply clear Gesso to the cardstock, allowing to dry before applying drops of the beautiful Pearl Inks in Black and Silver, quickly misting with water, allowing patterns to emerge. Once dry (I prefer to leave on flat surface to air dry) adhering to the MDF panel. 

With the leftover scrap pieces from the cardstock, adhering to one Twinchie and two Inchies. 

The bird was stamped onto more scrap. A lovely texture appeared on the stamped bird because of the application of clear Gesso to the cardstock. I could easily have painted the areas with black paint but I like the grungy appearance. The bird layered to the Twinchie with a scrap of stained paper stamped with one of the Scribbled Words. I will often use Scribbled Words stamps for layering where the stamped image is all but obscured but when looking closely it does bring another layer of pattern/texture to a project.

For the Inchies, two circles, stencilling from the A4 Cicles Stencil, were cut out. I will often use the Circles Stencil with scraps of painted/stained papers, stencilling and cutting so I have a batch of various sized circles to hand. To the centre, the smallest sized squares from Nature's Gatherings Set 2.

I also like to prepare batches of papers with Acrylic Liquid Wax.  This product especially transforms papers which might be a wee bit on the dull side of life, making any stained marks pop and also bringing extra richness to papers stained with walnut ink crystals. Most of the papers appearing here are rice papers and teabag paper. 

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  1. This is beautiful. I have never heard of Acrylic Liquied Wax. Added to my Wish List!


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