The Sea of Life A Shrine by Lynne Moncrieff



If you have worked with the That's Crafty! Art Shrines, you know that possibilities are endless, no matter what style, theme or media you work with, you can transform them into whatever you want.  They are also a lovely way to display a themed collection. 

It was a piece of driftwood which was the springboard for this shrine. My lovely friend Dorthe has gifted me several pieces over the years and the piece used was a nice size for the shrine and another friend, Catherine, gifting the feather and coconut husk, an international shrine with Danish and American natural elements sitting alongside one of my Affirmation stamps. 


Extras: feather, shell, driftwood, open weave burlap style material


First step was to assemble the shrine with the That's Crafty! Multi-Purpose Craft Adhesive but not adhering the frame. 

To this, Gesso was applied, leaving to dry before applying That's Crafty! Multi-Surface Paint in White and Chestnut Brown along with the Crackle Glaze. Then another layer

dry brushing Fresco Chalk paint and then immediately spraying with Walnut Ink (dissolving crystals and decanting into spray bottle).

The walnut ink was also sprayed onto a shell. 

With the Acrylic Liquid Wax, the medium was dripped onto the Shrine, allowing to drip down. This was to bring another layer of texture.

Keeping the Acrylic Liquid Wax to hand.....
Inking up an Affirmation from Set 10 onto tissue paper (ordinary, re-cycled tissue paper).

Apply the Acrylic Liquid Wax over the stamped Affirmation.

To strengthen, fold over the stamped area, the Acrylic Liquid Wax will also act as an adhesive. Apply more of the Wax on the rear and then spray with Walnut Ink.  

Flip over to the front and spray more of the Walnut Ink, 

dabbing with cloth/rice paper to soak up excess. 

At this stage, it was then a matter of assembling what I had gathered: shell, feather, driftwood, open weave burlap style material, coconut husk.

The material was trapped between the shrine and frame. The stamped words, using the Acrylic Liquid Wax to adhere the end of the paper, wrapping around the feather before attaching the other end to the shell, creating almost a banner. The driftwood tucked underneath with a scattering of Ayeeda Powder 3D Natural Mica Flakes.

A scrap of twine around the feather. 

Thank you for visiting this post.

Maybe you will have a few items collected from a walk, to display in a That's Crafty! Art Shrine.  Look HERE for the variety of styles and sizes available. 


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