Cogs and Rivets and More! by Helen Chilton


I've made a cogs and gears tag this week and also used one of the new Stamperia moulds which are great fun to use and very effective.

Get your tag ready and any extra bits you want to put on.

Stencil the cogs using Stamperia Crackle Paste.

Then paint your MDF tag using Multi Surface paints.

I decided the paint was too solid so sanded it back a bit.

Then I made the mould. Spread Black Texture Paste thickly over the mould - the Stamperia pastes are great for this too. Let it dry overnight.

The mould is very flexible and the paste peels off when dry.

It will cut or tear into smaller pieces. You can also die cut it. Paint it or use a wax like I did.

I then stamped and coloured my image - they're not just for Hallowe'en!

Hope you enjoyed this - I'm going to be using those soft moulds again.

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