Lady Butterstien the Second by Rachel Harries


This is Lady Butterstien the second her predecessor is available on my blog.I start with one of the fabulous substrates made by Thats Crafty!, this one comes in two parts which some people use together I have used the two pieces separately, I did another blog post with the other half making a village. 

I stamped out the image I wanted to use for the top half of this piece, which is an amalgamation of two PaperArtsy stamps. I cut these out and use them to help determine where I will be putting the skirt and other elements, I do not glue these in place I am only using them to work out the design. I draw pencil lines where I want the skirt to go to act as a guide.

I then add some old brown paper bag to act as the fabric of the skirt and add the elements that come with the substrate plus a few extra bits of That's Crafty! greyboard and also you might recognise a pouch lid, its amazing the things you can save and add to these sort of pieces. once I'm happy with the composition I give everything a coat of black gesso.
I then add some layers of paint, once this is dry I colour and add the stamped images.
I then make some holes in the top to add ribbon to hang my piece and I also add waxes to some areas and there she is Lady Butterstien the second.
I hope you like this project, the That's Crafty! Blog has a plethora of incredibly talented designers with different projects daily its well worth having a look around while you are here, stay safe and see you next week.

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  1. Just love this Rachel and very cleverly put together
    Amanda X


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