Hello Dolly by Rachel Harries


This weeks project was inspired by an empty roll on deodorant container. I started by removing the ball from my deodorant container to use as a base for the head, this isn't necessary specifically and you could just as easily use any container and just screw up some paper and cover that with some masking tape.

I rolled out some air dry clay and cover the head to create a base to work on.

once I have a base I divide the face gently with a marking tool like I would for a drawing with lines for the eyes nose and mouth, I then sculpt the face.

I use a garlic press to create the hair.

Once everything is dry I paint the head.

I then take a sheet of Art by Marlene Collage Paper and coat it with soft body gel which I mould to the body in a dress shape, I also use soft body gel to roll more collage paper to make arms, I made a little necklace from some beads I had and added a button and some moulded lace for detail and of course a flower in her hair.

And there she is, I hope you like her, stay safe and see you next week.

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