70's Cheese by Rachel Harries


This week I was inspired by the Monstera mould and I couldn't resist going back in time just a little.
I started off with some little plastic bottles, one was an old medicine bottle, I then cut them where I thought looked about right to me.

I then gave them a little coat of gesso.

I spent a little bit of time online researching 70's ceramics to get a little bit of inspiration. I then rolled out some air dry clay and covered the surface of my containers, I also made a few marks inspired by the research I done.

Once they had surface dried I painted them again inspired by the pictures I'd found of 70's ceramics.

I popped them to one side to continue drying and then used my air dry clay in the mould to make some foliage to go in my pots.

Once they have dried enough I stick them into the pots for my cheese plant leaves I used a piece of twig to give them a stem.

I then gesso the edges of the Upright and cover in some paper, as usual sanding the edges to give a nice finish.

I then take the Mandala stencil and pop it on a piece of kitchen roll and tap some ink pads on the surface of the stencil, I'm going to use it like a stamp so I ink it up and then I spray with a water spray and then press to the back plate of the Upright.

I use paint and a little wax on the leaves of my plants and then I adhere the pots to my assembled Upright.

so there's my little step back in time, I hope you enjoyed this project

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  1. Well this is completely genius!! So gorgeous - love you you created the pots and foliage and the 70s vibe x

  2. Absolutely amazing creation Rachel. Such awesome detail and your little pots have a perfect 70s vibe to them along with those gorgeous plants. So very clever and inventive.
    Fliss xx

  3. what a wonderful little 70's oasis you have created, a fabulous make.
    Amanda X


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