A Beautiful Garden by Helen Chilton


This project was a labour of love, or perhaps a dog's dinner would be a more accurate description - it just kept going wrong!

My original idea was to make a light coloured crackled tag adding some texture paste stencilled leaves.

So far, so good! However I then decided to stamp over the top with these Carabelle stamps and things got a bit messy!

Then I thought I'd add more colour all over using spray inks - quite liked it, but it still annoyed me.

Then I stencilled over some leaves in the Black Texture Paste, but as you can see, I wasn't very careful - I was getting desperate! - and it splodged!

Drastic measures were called for, so I painted over the whole thing in Midnight Paint - lovely colour, this.

By stamping, colouring and cutting out more leaves, I covered up the splodgy bits and added dimension. Tag saved!

The text is cut up from Tim Holtz stickers.

And there you go - the best laid plans and all that...
Hope you enjoyed seeing how things going wrong can sometimes turn out better than the original idea! My motto is, never throw anything away as it can usually be saved!


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