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Some time ago, I started a panel and then it all came to a stop...I couldn't find a way to move forward but that's okay, it happens, so the panel was laid aside and although I would periodically return in the hope of moving forwards, nope, nothing happened.  The problem was trying to create a focal area.  When playing around with auditioning stamps, they all jarred with the placement of the stencil, refusing to be cohesive yet at the same time not working as a contrasting element. I was toying with the idea of flipping the MDF panel over to work on the rear side.

This collage should have been named patience as that is what it was all about, being patient and waiting until it decided it was time for me to progress with it and to imagine that all it took for me to move forwards was a That's Crafty! CraftyBoard round from one of the Journal Packs. We never know when inspiration will strike.

That's Crafty! Stencil Mandala 8" x 8" TC8014
That's Crafty! Medium - Texture Paste
That's Crafty! Walnut Ink Crystals
That's Crafty! Multi-Purpose Craft Adhesive
That's Crafty! Interference Paint Gold
That's Crafty! Multi-Surface paints: Black, Midnight
That's Crafty! Surface MDF Panel 8" x 8" Pack of 3
That's Crafty! Surfaces Craftyboard Tabbed Journal (Circle)
PaperArtsy Eclectica EAB17 Designed by Alison Bomber
Archival Ink Jet Black
Extras: eco dyed rice paper, black watersoluble pencil, underpaper


I don't have step photos for this stage of the process but I can tell you that I had some underpaper which I always like to utilize, covered in Gesso and walnut ink.  To this, I stencilled the beautiful Mandala, one of my all time favourite That's Crafty! stencils, stencilling with Texture Paste. This was then adhered to the MDF panel.

With more underpaper (this one had Black and Midnight paint along with Walnut Ink), firstly, roughly cutting a circle to fit onto the CraftyBoard from the Journal kit before adhering to the circle and then tidying the edges. This circle would then be the focal of the panel.

This is the paper adhered to the circle, edging with the Interference Gold paint.

The circle layered to the stencilled panel with a piece of Eco dyed rice paper.

Partially inking up one of the quotes from PaperArtsy EAB17,  for the words "life's timelessness".  This was stamped onto a scrap of underpaper, then layered to a piece of scrap CraftyBoard - save all the scrap pieces for such times.

When applying the Interference Gold to edges, smudging it slightly onto the surface.

The Interference Gold paint is beautiful to work with.

Six pieces were cut from scraps from the underpaper used on the circle. They were only roughly cut into squares.

I just want to add as a side-note. I often use a Stabilo watersoluble black pencil for mark making or defining areas, either with a small mister bottle or fine watercolour brush or my finger. It is a pencil which works on various surfaces but if you don't have one, dilute the That's Crafty! Multi-Surface Black paint or use the paint with a waterbrush, blending/smudging the paint as you work.

On the background it is only Walnut Ink, the Texture paste used to stencil the Mandala and the watersoluble pencil.

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