The Key to the Steam Room by Rachel Harries


This weeks Inspiration comes from the amazing That's Crafty! Large MDF Keys.

I started off by popping some Air Dry Clay into a Stamperia Sir Vagabond Mould.

I then added a Craftyboard Doily to help support the steam train balloon I then added a mixture of the cog casts, Greyboard CogsGreyboard ClocksGreyboard Key and Locks. I also added some glass balls that I had left from a Daily Art Mixed Media Box and I put a bit of That's Crafty! Sand Texture Paste here and then and let it all dry.

I then gave everything a good coat of That's Crafty! Black Gesso and again waited for it to dry.

I then added a few different layers of That's Crafty! Multi Surface Paint.

I carried on painting adding some detail to the face.

I then added some wax.

I finished off by adding some of the black multi surface paint down into a few of the crevices just to add some definition and its complete, I hope you like this post.

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  1. An absolutely stunning piece of artwork Rachel! Such amazing depth and detail and love how the layers of paint built up such a gorgeous effect.
    Fliss xx


  2. love this - thanks for sharing how it was done and the products used


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