He's an Absolute Angel by Rachel Harries



Well here he is Sir Vagabond in his Angelic form as he flits round giving out divine steampunkary arias and inspiration. or you could say I fancied popping some wings on Sir Vagabond...
I started by assembling A That's Crafty! Upright.

I used Air Dry Clay in moulds to create the background starting with Azulejos and Plaquette which I just used pieces of. I also used Nature LoverCogs and Wings and Stars and MoonI added the main character from Sir Vagabond.

I also added a few Small Cogs.

I then created some texture with Sand Texture PasteGritty Bitz and some glass balls I had from my left from my Daily Art Mixed Media Box.

I then gave everything a good coat of Black Gesso.

I then added layers of That's Crafty! Multi Surface Paints.

I finished off by going around the main character with some white paint as I wanted to create a Russian religious depiction of the Angel Sir vagabond and I added Wax to highlight and create interest.

I hope you like the project Ill be back next week with something else.

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