Renewal A Collection of Tags by Lynne Moncrieff



When I completed this trio of tags all I could see, through my eyes, how bright they appeared for something at my hands but I was just pulled towards adding a dash of colour in the form of That's Crafty! Sprays which makes the stamped focals from Nature's Gatherings stamp sets, pop all the more.



This started with walnut ink, staining tags and cardstock.

To this, the Flat Matte Sprays were added before 

adhering the shipping tags to MDF Tags

with a larger MDF tag selected and covering with piece torn from the prepared cardstock.

Onto the remainder of the walnut ink stained cardstock, stamping a variety of Nature's Gatherings stamps, some of which I ultimately did not use on any of the tags. 

After fussing cutting the images, taking to the sewing machine to stitch to the tags along with pieces of walnut ink stained teabag paper (coated with Liquid Acrylic Wax), muslin, etc. 

When staining muslin or teabag paper with the walnut ink, staining a reasonable amount to have to hand.

The larger tag


The smaller tags

Pearl Inks and White Multi-Surface Paint were splattered onto all the tags. 

The final tag

The A4 Circles Stencil once again was in use, for the stencilled and cut out circles. 

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  1. These pieces are recognizable in composition but I've noticed more color lately. You do color beautifully. Masterfully.

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment.
    I must say that when I dip into colour, it is slightly outwith my comfort zone but if it comes calling then there is surely a need for it :)

  3. These are exquisite Lynne and I enjoyed reading about your process. Hugs, Autumn


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