Aall and Create Upright by Rachel Harries


I started off with an upright  and gave it a coat of gesso, being mindful of the areas that slot together as any excess paint will make them difficult to put together later.

Next I choose some Distress Crayons - these colour will remain in use through the entirety of the project. I start by scribbling small amounts of the crayons and then use my finger to blend them on the surface.

Next I take my stencil and either a damp cloth or an environmentally friendly wet wipe and I go over the stencil this removes most of the crayon from the exposed surfaces.

Now in retrospect I think I should have left the background at this point as there is not much of it visible, however I did say in retrospect so I did not, indeed I backgrounded this to within an inch of its life :-)

so as I said you may or may not choose to do more or less with your background but bear in mind that there won't be much of it to see. Next I stamp the base with the key element from #268 Shuttered Window from Aall and Create by Bipasha BK, I then scribble the crayons on my mat and use them like watercolours to colour the stamped base.

And that can now be glued together and popped to one side to dry while the other elements are prepared.

I use the window from #268 Shuttered Window, I stamp this three times as we are going to use multiple layers to add dimension.

I then start the cutting process I take a little more from each of the three layers, I take my time and use a combination of craft knife and scissors, I found the best way to cut the window pains was to use a craft knife and cut first in one direction and then the others, in other words, I cut all the vertical lines and then all the horizontal, that's just how I found it easier there is no right or wrong and I'm sure you'll have your own methods.

I picked a Tim Holtz image that fit behind the window, sorry ladies I did have to cut your legs off just a little bit. I stuck the image to the back plate.

I coloured the stamped images using the distress crayons as watercolours so keeping the same colour theme, I also coloured the ladies dresses. I used some cardboard box scraps to add a little depth to the individual layers.

and I stuck them on the base plate.

I then used a combination of leaf adornments from 13arts, to which I added using a split ring for the dangly one on the wheel.

I added strip from #235 All Measured Up, by Tracy Evans for Aall and create, I used some Walnut Stain in on this and wrapped it around a little wooden thing a me bob that I had kicking around in my stash, I also added a Tim Holtz thimble just for good measure.

I hope you enjoyed this project, stay safe, see you next week.

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  1. This really is amazing Rachel. The details are absolutely stunning and your step by step was fabulous.
    Fliss xx

  2. You are so lovely to take the time to comment, thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️


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