These Wings Belong To Me by Lynne Moncrieff


Last week, That’s Crafty! appeared on HOCHANDA with a bundle of new releases, including greyboard Bits ‘n’ Pieces and more of my Lynne’s Affirmations stamp sets. I could not be more thrilled with the stamp sets, Laura has once again waved her magic wand (and worked hard!) to bring together the Affirmations in a variety of font styles and the inclusion of illustrations which perfectly co-ordinate with the Affirmations yet at the same time, they are beautiful in their own right, without the pairing of an Affirmation. 

This is one of the shrines I made as a HOCHANDA sample.


Plaid Rust Finish Kit (use dark bottle only)
Old Paintbrush
Extras: previously stained book text – with Infusions, previously rusted vintage crochet, collage image, old book page, rusted tin wire 


Assemble art shrine. I want to add that I am a Gel Medium devotee, rarely looking elsewhere for other adhesives but have to say, That’s Crafty’s Multi-Purpose Adhesive is my “go to” choice when assembling their shrines. The nozzle makes for ease in assembling and you are guaranteed a strong hold.

Paint with Gesso before applying Rust Finish, the dark bottle only, to shrine, wings with circle and tag. Next, place small amount of Copper acrylic onto craft sheet. Press shrine, greyboard and tag into the copper paint, then lay aside to dry.

Once dry, layer image behind circle element. Layer wings to top of shrine with piece of previously rusted crochet lace and stained book text, also attaching some loose fibres. 

Stamp Affirmation onto book text, the plain margin, cutting into word tiles before layering to prepared MDF tag with pieces of rusted paper and found paper. Attach rusty tin wire to tag, the ends of the wire are hidden behind the frame of the shrine.

Finally, embellish the shrine with pieces of old lace.

Until next time,



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  1. It's as if the winged That's Crafty apertures are made for images like these Lynne. With your rust, lace and wire technique how could we not love what you create. Beautiful.
    Hugs & wishes Tracey xx

  2. I love your idea, of the tag in the middle , the corrugated cardboard, all the fabulous texture you have created , on your amazing HOCHANDA piece. Yes as Tracey write you, :" how could we not love it "
    Dorthe, xxx

  3. oh i love all of it ... the tag in the middle is brilliant! you rock!!!

  4. This piece is stunning! I love every detail of it ❤️

  5. The most gorgeous rusty effects Lynne and the textures on here are simply stunning. Love it!
    Fliss xx

  6. This really is as close to perfection as possible, LOVE this in all its rusty glory Lynne
    Donna xx

  7. Wonderful design and amazing textures here Lynne xx The combination of colours to achieve the rust is fabulous. Off to look at the new Affirmations

    Hugs Annie xx

  8. Gorgeous, gorgeous rust color! Such a beautiful shrine with the wings and circle with pic in it. I've got to some if your affirmations! Love this one. :). Cheers! Sharon xx

  9. Fabulous rusted textures - this is amazing. And congratulations on the new Affirmations - I've no doubt they'll sell like hot cakes again.
    Alison x

  10. Thank you all not only for your lovely words for this particular shrine but for your support for the latest Affirmations. It has been a nervous time, wondering if they would resonate as much as Sets 1 and 2 appeared to do.


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