Shabby Hare Box by Liz Wheeler


Happy Monday That's Crafty! Creatives. Hope you're all enjoying the summer days.

For today's project I've used a combination of Prima Moulds, That's Crafty! MDF and Paints and Daily Art Crackle to make a shabby-themed decorated box.

I started by using Creative Paperclay in the Prima Meadow Hare mould to create the hare and let it dry. Once hardened I painted it with a slightly watered down That's Crafty! Multi Surface Paint Chestnut Brown and let dry. I then dry brushed with That's Crafty! Multi Surface Paint Metallic Bronze, to pick up some of the texture of the hare.

For the box I used a That's Crafty! MDF Box - Medium, gluing it together with That's Crafty! Multi Purpose Craft Adhesive. I then painted it inside and out with the Chestnut Brown paint.

For the outer texture of the box I mixed some Daily Art Crackle Paint and Pentart Matte Acrylic Paint Ivory with a palette knife and applied a thick layer to the lid, and a thin layer around the sides. You can let it dry naturally, but as I am impatient I used my heat tool to dry the crackle paint. 

Once dried, I got a piece of old rag and dipped it into the Metallic Bronze paint, then applied a light sweep across the surface, picking up the texture and cracks in the paint. I kept my touch light as I wanted a fairly soft effect with the bronze. Around the edges I applied more pressure with the rag so the bronze paint was more pronounced. 

Finally I adhered the clay hare to the lid with the That's Crafty! Glue. 

An effective little project and the MDF box makes a great gift. Next week I'll be making a journal to fit inside!

Happy Crafting and enjoy your week. 

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