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I have a fairly simple to create canvas to share this week which includes a bit of a serendipity moment as the sprays I was using didn't quite work as intended and a rather happy accident was the end result. 

Step by Step:

I have quite a few canvasses lurking in my stash and was encouraged to start using them by one that Jo Channon made which was so very pretty. The one I chose is 14 x 10 inches and quite large but I had already decided it would have some open space left so it wasn't quite so daunting.

I began decorating it by taking one of Melina's gorgeous masks - the A5 size Flowers and Leaves one and using it with white Texture Paste to add a pattern diagonally across the centre from top left to bottom right. This involved using it twice, going from top to centre, then bottom to centre.

Once the paste was dry, I misted the whole canvas with Flat Matte Sprays, choosing Aqua, Basil, Rose and Saffron. To my surprise, once the mist dried it had mostly disappeared from the bare canvas, only showing on the textured areas! You can see what I mean from the photo below.

I left this as is for the moment and set about creating my floral embellishments. As you can see, I had a few in my stash but needed more for the large canvas. I stamped quite a few on ink spray overflow pieces from my stash, choosing a variety of shades of blues, purples, orange and yellow green.

I arranged the flowers and leaves on the canvas to work out their placement before sticking them in place.

Before sticking them on I decided to see if I could create a small amount of splattered colour on the plain areas of the canvas. As the Flat Matte Spray didn't work as planned, I diluted some Mustard Multi Surface Paint with water in a spray bottle and misted the canvas with this. 

The serendipity moment is what happened next because the water in the spray re-activated the Flat Matte Sprays and although I got splatters of colour, some of it went green as the yellow mixed with the Aqua and Basil. Areas of the texture paste also changed colour, adding subtle hints of yellow. Somewhat of a surprise but I quite liked it!

I glued all the elements in place and finished off with some text stamped on inky overflow paper and trimmed out.


Have a great weekend and see you next week.

Fliss x

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