Walking Alone Doesn't Make you Less Valuable by Gill Humphrey


As a change from making an album or a diorama this week I decided I would make a mixed media canvas. For this project I have used 12 x 12 backgrounds8 x 8Collectables, Africa Stencil and Elements Mould all from the Savanna collection.

I suggest that you start by creating the moulded pieces so these have time to set - for this I used resin and then painted the cured pieces with Primer Paste, however you could just as easily use Jewelry Concrete or Amazing Casting Resin which do not need priming before painting. I cast three of the trees and demoulded when the casts were still malleable so that I could cut them into pieces - the top of one tree is used as clouds.

Whilst the cast pieces are setting you can prepare the canvas - mine is 20cm by 40cm. I added detail to the background by applying primer paste through the map and text part of the Africa stencil and left it to dry before adding paint. For the sky I used a mixture of Baby Blue and Blue Navy paints adding them in random patches and spraying with water to spread them across the canvas and dilute the intensity.

For the "desert" I used the same techniques with Corn and Cookie.

Whilst the background dried i painted the moulds - for the birds I used Blue navy as a thin layer and then added a little purple wax to give an iridescence to the feathers.

For the tree I used Hunter Green, Garden Green and Chocolate paints. Once these had dried I added a layer of Brown Antiquing Gel wiping it back gently with a damp cloth before dry brushing the leaves with white primer paste.


The Meerkats were painted with a mixture of Corn and Chocolate paint and again once dry covered with Brown Antiquing Gel which was wiped back leaving it in the crevices before adding a dry brushing of primer paste.

The Elephant was painted with a pale grey acrylic before applying Black Antiquing Gel, wiping back and then dry brushing with primer paste.

Finally the clouds were painted with Baby Blue and White acrylic paints. 

To make the composition I cut three 11/2" strips of paper from the 12 x 12 backgrounds pad and overlapped them at the junction of sky and land - building up dimension using cardboard pieces. Then I secured my resin pieces with Heavy Body Gel. I then added lots of fussy cut elements to the project tucking them in between the layers.

To complete my piece I added art stones mixed with gel medium applying them so that they grounded the elements before adding moss from my stash and a good sprinkling of Burnt Umber and Bronze Glamour Sparkles. I raided my stash for some spiky greenery pieces and faux flowers which I added faux pearls to the centers. 

I hope that you like this weeks project and have an experiment with the techniques and products I have used.


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