Spring Birdies! by Helen Chilton


I'm making the other half of my journal page today as the other side had the same colours daubed onto it.
I'd used the Dinky stencil with Black Texture Paste on this side. Once again I used the A4 Circle stencil to knock it back a bit.

Then I decided to cut some circles from background paper to add colour back in rather than using paint.

After that I stamped the leaves in paint ...

...and then the flowers as before. I've also repeat stamped Melina's blossom branch and extra leaves as well. It did get rather 'busy' at this point - in fact I was starting to go cross eyed! if I'm honest, it looks a bit disastrous!

To 'rescue' my layout, I stamped the blossom onto background paper and then punched it out.

Add some white stamping and then white to the blossom to make it stand out a bit more.

To finish off add the birds, which are again stamped onto the background paper.

If you look carefully you'll see I added  another circle of paper to go behind the top bird just to make it more visible.

The blue/green bird had a bit of extra colour added to it.

And here's how both sides look together.

Well that's my art journal done for the mo. I know it's very 'busy' and won't be everyone's cup of tea, but I've loved making these pages - it's fun to see all the different elements you can add.

See you next week.


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