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This week, I return to the That's Crafty! Journal I have been slowly working in. It's been lovely to just dip in and out of this journal. I have found that with this journal, I started to lay down media directly onto pages but then could not progress beyond that stage as I struggled with what I would have as the focal. It was the Dina Wakley Sprig which spurred me on to complete this page.   



This page started quite some time ago but it was not moving forward until now.  At the time on the page, I laid down the Multi-Surface paint along with Walnut Ink, creating a mottled effect.  I have absolutely no idea where that red mark appeared from!

Onto tea bag paper, staining with Walnut Ink, stamping one of the Scribbled Words onto one piece.  Bundling the pieces together with stitches. 

Directly onto the page, I added some free flow journaling with a Stabilo ALL pencil.

Onto a large Craftyboard Circle and the Dina Wakley Sprig, white Gesso. 

For the Craftyboard circle, I found a piece of Deli paper covered with the Multi-Surface paints 
and a hint of Walnut Ink.

For the Sprig, with paintbrush picking up dry Walnut Ink crystals (it would be the same using the powder) and lightly misting with water and then leaving to air dry, the less interference the better. 

The prepared Craftyboard Circle and Sprig are laid onto the journal page.

Inking up one of the text stamps from The Language of Trees.

Dried Walnut Ink Crystals applied and then misted with water create areas of depth and interest. 

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