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This week I have a simple ring bound 8 x 8" album to share with you - the base is from the set of two albums made by That's Crafty! To decorate the album I have used a mixture of papers from the 12 x12, 8 x 86 x 6Junk Journal Extras and Extras Set Lost in Time Collection.

The size of this journal base with the tabs means that you will only get one side covered with a sheet of 12 x 12 papers and the 8" papers with the exception of the two smaller boards I used for the front and back covers is also too small to cover completely and so the aim of this tutorial is to show a number of ways of resolving this using the different size papers that are available in the collection.

Inside front cover and page 1:


Through out the album I have added photomats cut to size which have been stamped with a script stamp in Vintage Photo and then distressed using scissors. To give a cohesive feel to the whole of the album I have added black elements using either the frames and patterns 14 tracing papers or pattern 26 acetate, pattern 27 acetate and pattern 28 acetate. I also added torn elements of Fledgling washi tape.

These two pages were covered completely with  either a piece of paper from the 8" pack and a piece cut to size from the 12 x12 pack. The layouts were then added in layers as show with string tied through the holes in tags from the collection.

Page 2 and 3:

For page 2 I adhered a 8" paper to the side of the album base with the tag on it and then added an additional piece to the left hand side adhered on three sides to create a pocket. For page 3 I added an 8" paper to the left hand side and then added two pockets to the left hand side by cutting an 8" strip of paper approximately 5" wide before splitting it into two with a free hand curvy line..

Pages 4 and 5:

To cover page 4 I simply layered two pieces of paper one 8 x 4" and the second 8" x 5" and page 5 is covered using a 12" piece of paper cut to size. There is a flap created around the photomat using a piece from the junk journals extras pad which was simply scored and then adhered around the photmat before this was glued in place. On top of this is an envelope from the same paper pack closed with string.

Page 6 and 7:

Page 6 has a pocket created using the same size pieces as page 4 but instead of adhering the piece on the left side completely glue was added to 3 sides so that a photomat could be slipped in. On top of the pocket part an additional pocket taken from the junk journal extras was was adhered. 

Page 7 was created by adhering an 8" piece to the left hand side of the page base and then adding a second piece of paper folded at 3" from the left hand side to create a flap. The bigger part of this piece was then adhered to the left side of the page lining up the score line with the edge of the page.

Pages 8 and 9:

Page 8 has two pockets created to the left of the page using 8" x 5" and 8" x 3" panels of paper adhered on three sides. Page 9 is simply covered with a piece of 12 x 12 paper cut to size.

Pages 10 and inside back cover.

Page 10 was covered by adhering an 8" paper to the left hand margin and then taking another 8" paper and scoring it at 2" from the left hand edge to create a flap. The bigger area of the second paper was then adhered along three sides lining the fold up along the spine edge of the album. The inside back cover and its reverse were covered with 8" square papers.

To decorate the front cover I added a 61/2" square of tracing paper and then a sheet from the 6 x 6 collection mounted onto cardboard. The decoration on the front was created by layering a tracing paper frame and then a wildflower Craftyboard element before adding fussy cut flowers from the extras set. The title piece is a inscriptions cardboard die cut. Finally I added a sprinkling of Silver and Rose Gold Eco Glitter.

To complete the album I slipped the pieces into book rings and then added two "luggage tags" taken from the junk journals extra pack and filled with tracing paper.

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