Spirit by Lynne Moncrieff



I decided to dip into the That's Crafty! Carved Leaves stamp set once again for my project this week.  



This Mixed Media panel started with the background. Firstly, applying small area of the Grey paint and quickly misting with water before applying a small mist of Walnut Ink and to this, small areas of the Pearl paints, again misting with water and allowing this to air dry. This is repeated with the Craftyboard circle.

The prepared paper is adhered to the MDF panel and to this, layering the large Craftyboard circle.
The Walnut Ink is sprayed onto muslin and Tea Bag paper scraps. Once the Tea Bag paper is drying, coating with Acrylic Liquid Wax. The Walnut Ink also applied to cardstock and this will be the stamping surface.

When inking up the Carved Leaves stamp, I aimed to leave areas free from the ink because I wanted to add touches of the Copper Pearl Ink. This leaf, layered to the Craftyboard circle with the muslin and tea bag elements. 

Looking to The Language of Trees stamp set, selecting the word Spirit to stamp with Potting Soil ink onto walnut ink stained paper scraps.

Return to the Pearl Inks to add more details to the background.

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