A Time of Beginnings A Journal by Lynne Moncrieff



This latest journal features both the Nature's Gatherings and Scribbled Words stamp sets.  I wanted to show the Scribbled Words stamps both stamped onto backgrounds but also that torn pieces can add another touch to a journal page (or off the page) and how I like to group different stamped Scribbled Words together.

I appreciate this is a lengthy blog post with lots of photos!  I will also be sharing a flick through of the journal on social media soon. 


Extras: muslin, rusty safety pins, re-cycled papers 


The Journal pages were prepared by having two pages in front of me and applying small amount of the Multi-Surface Paints and Satin Ink in Lime to one page only before misting with water and taking the second page and placing on top of the page with the paint, gently pressing before removing the second page by lifting upwards. Continuing with this until all pages are prepared. Once dry spraying walnut ink and creating splatters with the Pearl Inks and Posca pens. 

Onto cardstock previously prepared with paints and walnut ink it was a matter of stamping various stamps from the Nature's Gatherings stamp sets and then fussy cutting.  

For the Scribbled Words stamps, they were stamped onto re-cycled papers sprayed with walnut ink.  Walnut ink was also used to lightly stain muslin.

Here are details of pages from the journal.

After stamping onto the cover I then stamped onto stained teabag paper layering over the first stamped image with a cluster layered onto lightly walnut ink stained muslin with some of the words stamped onto re-cycled paper sprayed with walnut ink.

Walnut ink crystals are a standard for me especially when working with re-cycled packing papers such as tissue paper, deli papers, etc.  

For the stamped tag I opted not to place an image or word inside it, simply adding as another layer of detail. 

This flower was stamped directly onto the page before inking up once again, stamping and fussy cutting. There is some stencilled detail with White paint and a circle cut from underpaper using the amazing A4 Circle Stencil with scalloped edge stamp along with Scribbled Words and fragment of stained muslin along with stamped word creating details.

Over this spread circles were stencilled with White paint to bring interest to the background but also to represent the flow of a bird calling/singing. 

The Scribbled Words stamps appear throughout this journal, even on the tiniest of fragments but I also wanted to include free flow journaling using a Fine Applicator bottle which is one of my preferred tools for journaling. 

Different Scribbled Words stamped onto different papers, layered as a grouping.

I will save the smallest torn pieces as there is usually a home, somewhere for them. The teeny piece here brings balance to this grouping. 

The central area of the Brick Circle Stencil, to my eyes, brought a sense of energy to the page with more of the image stencilled 

onto the facing page.

Again the tiniest pieces of torn Scribbled Words appear, just a mere hint of them on this page.  A piece of the waste from the Journal holes tops a stamped square.

The stamps are deliberately stylised, the image stamped onto the larger tag could be berries or posibly buds or leaves.  

The Scribbled Word smaller circle peeks out from the layers.

Although the main Nature's Gatherings images were stamped onto cardstock I like to work with re-cycled papers for layering as they tend to be thinner and the textures can bring interest when layering.

Here one of the long Scribbled Words is placed in a horizontal orientation -  I like the freedom to play around with placement, it doesn't always have to be the original orientation of a stamp, this brings pattern to the background along with the other style of Scribbled Words stamp. 

With some of the Scribbled Words stamps the main element is surrounded by splatters/dots.  I like to focus the ink pad only on those areas for stamping.  Although Pearl Ink and Walnut Ink splatters appear throughout and also White paint splatters, I like having to hand a stamp which allows me to quickly add splatter marks for final touches.

Thank you for taking time to visit this post.



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