Groovy Shrooms by Fliss Goodwin




I have a rather striking piece of artwork to share this week with a bit of a retro vibe from the bright background which was topped off with monochrome for a strong contrast.

Step by Step:

This is actually very easy to create as the background has simple layers of stencilling with some stamping on top.

My substrate for this is a white/greyboard circle and using the white side, I took the A4 size circles stencil and several shades of Multi Surface Paint. I added circles in layers having chosen shades of Pink and Blue so I didn't get muddy colours. I used Light Pink, Teal, Magenta and Ocean, starting with the lighter colours first. I applied the colours with a sponge for a softer look.

Once I was happy with the effect of my layers, I took the alphabet texture stamp and repeat stamped it randomly over the surface with black ink.

I then selected 3 Craftyboard Shrooms with their matching toppers. I painted the bases with black gesso and the toppers with white gesso then glued the sections together.

I also took the Craftyboard text to form my "groovy" addition and painted these with black gesso too. Once they were dry I added stitching detail with a white Posca paint pen. I glued all the elements in place and threaded white paper string through the holes at the top to finish.


That's Crafty! Surfaces - White/Greyboard Circle
White Paper String
Have a great weekend and see you next week.
Fliss x

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