Many Things Grow An Art Shrine by Lynne Moncrieff



This quote from PaperArtsy Ecelctica EAB perfectly captured the feel of this particular Art Shrine.
I could easily say the quote was selected first and pointed me in the direction of the style of this shrine but in actual fact, the shrine was all but complete when I dipped into my collection of EAB sets, layering the quote and scrappy eco dyed paper to a CraftyBoard ATC, to nestle within the shrine.


After assembling the Art Shrine and preparing with Gesso, torn pieces of the tissue paper were adhered.

also to the inside and while we are looking at the inside of the shrine, with a scrappy piece of leftover CraftyBoard, I formed this piece which the ATC will rest upon.

This is the ATC again covered with the tissue paper. That's why the CraftyBoard Journal Kits are so absolutely amazing, in the clever thinking in the packaging to not only include a Journal Kit but the extras included. 

Taking a charcoal stick to the edges. 

After assembling the shrine, attention was turned to the ATC.

Always there are scrappy bits of this and that for me to dip into. Here I found a piece of eco dyed book text, layering to the ATC before stamping the PaperArtsy EAB quote onto recycled paper which had previously been sprayed with Walnut Ink. To this, layering a piece of Mica Tile, attaching with Tiny Attacher staple then topping with a pretty button.  

Last year I collected poppy heads to dry out, this wee one found a new home on the frame of this house.

A few finer pieces of delaminated Mica Tiles layered to the frame along with rusted piece of lace topped with wooden buttons.  

I also found a scrap of resin paper. If you have resin then resin paper is something fabulous to add to your stash.  

The MDF Art Shrine is available in different sizes and take a look at the other style available.

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  1. Beautiful details on your shrine Lynne x I adore the layers of papers/inks and fragments that you use. Alison's quote stamp is the perfect choice. Thank you for sharig details of your process

    Annie xx


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