Four times a Lady by Rachel Harries



I've used exactly the same products again this week as the previous three weeks as its important to me to explore all the possibilities of a product. I've by no means reached the limit with these ones but next week I will move on to something else. I really love how these products work and the different looks that can be achieved.

so this week I start in the same way as previously by choosing from the collage book, this time I go for the thicker cardstock images as I wanted a little more texture added to the page, I used some clips just to hold them flat while my gel medium dried.

I then used the stencils with a little acrylic paint to get my images in place.

I start adding some of the glossy sprays, I applying a slow pressure to the spray mechanism as I want a more drippy/blobby effect rather than a fine mist.

Then I add some buff tone paint to the face area, this is going into a really difficult stage of the painting as it can look just horrible, but it really is part of the process and perfectly normal to look at this point and think "oh dear".

I then apply a little more glossy spray using the same slow pressure technique.

I then add some more colour and detail to the face I use a combination of the sprays and some acrylic. I spray a tiny amount onto my glass mat and use it from there.

I add a little more Glossy Spray, add some detail with black and white Posca pens and I also use an eraser very gently over some of the lettering that has lost its definition under the paint.

And there she is, I hope you've enjoyed these posts I'm hoping to continue in this way and giving a few posts using the same products.

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