Exploration Part 2 by Rachel Harries


This week Im carrying on with the exploration of the 13 Arts Watercolour Paints in my 6 x6 Tabbed Album.

I start off with making a swatch on a piece of watercolour paper, its going to be all about wet on wet technique this week like we did last week and Im working with a rainbow sequence of colour so its good to do a swatch to see how the colours are going react together I also sprinkled salt on half of the piece as it nice to see how that will work. I'll use this piece to cover the flaps on the pages later.

For the pages I take two pieces of watercolour paper which are longer than the pages I fold the end over to create flaps. I then take the Tina stencil and draw around the mask element on my paper for positioning. I then use my brush to apply water around the edge, remembering that the paint is going to flow where the water is as this is wet on wet technique. I then add the paints in the rainbow order I used on my swatch and sprinkle with salt. I then leave this overnight to dry completely.

Once the pages are dry I brush the salt off and flick a little white paint and gold ink. I take my Tina stencil and draw out the design on a vintage magazine page I have and carefully cut it out. I then adhere this in place on the page. I take my time and go around the edge of the images with the white watercolour paint. I stick the pages into my journal, add black hole reinforcers and cut the swatch to adhere to the flaps.

Next week I will be looking at watercolour glaze technique with this palette which is a really cool layering technique. I hope you enjoyed this project.

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