Nature's Gatherings A Cabinet by Lynne Moncrieff



(More photos below of completed cabinet)

During the week, That's Crafty! launched a new surface which was a storming success on HOCHANDA and no wonder as it is fabulous, a cabinet designed by Rachel Harris. 

This cabinet is designed to store ATCs, a stack of them nestle inside the drawers of this cabinet but there are endless possibilities for this cabinet whether art related or for small items around the home and for me, I am keen to work on a second cabinet which will become a home for storing/displaying just some of the nature's gatherings I have collected over time. 

I could not resist stamping two birds from my new Nature's Gatherings stamp sets onto the cabinet.



The first step was to assemble the cabinet, using That's Crafty! Multi-Purpose Craft Adhesive.

Once assembled, painting with Multi-Surface Paint in Grey, applying in a way to create texture.

To this, walnut ink, applied with a large soft brush, creating drips, both inside and outside and also onto the drawers.

Unfortunately I don't have any more process photos but after the above step both Mutli-Surface Black and White paints were applied to the cabinet but not to the inside of the drawers.  Once dry, applying the Satin Ink to provide a hint of Spring. 

To the front of the bottom drawer, adhering the tree CraftyBoard ATC Overlay which is stunning.  I simply swiped on some of the grey paint left on my brush from painting the cabinet then stippling some of the black paint.

To the front of the upper drawer stamping the word Nature onto scrap painted cardstock, 

layering behind a CraftyBoard label holder.

Stamping directly onto one side of the cabinet a bird, with black ink.

Onto the other side of the cabinet, stamping another bird.

If you missed the HOCHANDA shows then please visit the That's Crafty! online store and view the products that were launched including Dinky Stencils.



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